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Crystal Styles


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L.Renee Whaley



Proactive Change, Inc. was born from the emerging ideas of Crystal Styles and Renee Whaley, two women who consider themselves spiritual sisters.


In April of 2014, Styles approached her pastor with an idea for a community service ministry. Styles discussed the need for outreach programs to support church members, military members’ support, visitation and communication for the sick and shut-in, encouragement to the incarcerated, and other like programs.


She also aspired to create a community resource program so those in need could have access to city, state, federal and county resources.  In addition, Styles saw the need for scholastic support and educational resources and instruction for school age children, and teenagers entering into college.  It was her desire to develop programs for scholastic achievement and college applicants’ support services.  


While Styles waited for guidance from her pastor concerning this vision, she began talking to several other people about the possibility of being a part of this great work for the Lord. At the beginning of 2015, Styles’ pastor communicated with her again, and gave her detailed insight and wisdom about how she should go about her ministry. While doing so, he also mentioned to her that someone else had recently approached him about a similar idea.


On January 2, 2015, Renee Whaley discussed her desire with the pastor to start a social and charitable outreach program.  Neither Styles nor Whaley had any idea that they both had similar desires to create Christian outreach programs; It was not until their pastor mentioned to both ladies, at different times, about the other’s idea.


Whaley expressed her desire to bring awareness to the church and community concerning areas of politics, finance, social action, and other issues that may affect us adversely or in a positive manner, including laws affecting our wages, health of our children, education, etc.   


Once the pastor stated to Styles that Whaley also had a similar idea, Styles gladly informed the pastor that she would reach out to Whaley to discuss their ideas to see if it was possible for them to work together in some way. The ladies came together and decided it would be in the best interest of the community that they work together.


In February of 2015, Styles and Whaley cross shared information, met several times and conference called numerous times until they were satisfied with the merge of both ministries.  Styles stated to Whaley that it did not matter to her who’s idea came first, but it was more important to get the work done for the Lord.  She mentioned to Whaley that they should both hold the titles of Co-chairperson. Whaley agreed.  Out of their sincere love and dedication to work together for the greater good of God’s work, they planned their first meet & greet event to share their ministry with prospective members.


In the latter part of 2016, Styles & Whaley made a decision, motivated by a conversation that Styles had with her pastor, to start a nonprofit.  The name Proactive Change was Whaley’s idea.  Proactive Change, Inc. became a domestic nonprofit in the state of Georgia on August 9, 2016.


May the organization’s work and love for God abide forever.

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